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If you view the photos they were done in a hilarious manner, he was posing with a game boy and Babgafban City Girls T-Shirt cards and tangled in Christmas lights. There’s a reason she was laughing. The book was meant as a joke. If you look at the gallery posted in the comments he is mocking female poses to be funny. Its a big thing in the photo world now. Professionals photograph naked people all the time. It’s like a tattoo artist.

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Guys shirt
Guys shirt

A person asking those types of questions, who’s underwear are you wearing? And who took these photos? Is clearly someone who does not know about boudoir photography. He didn’t hand her a porno, he handed her a professionally made portfolio. I just can’t with Babgafban City Girls T-Shirt some people most normal people don’t know much about boudoir shoots. Thank you for pointing out the obvious and attempting to sound snarky while doing it.

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Tank Top

I just showed him. I’m dying lmao! I need for Babgafban City Girls T-Shirt but my man doing this. And he totally will. Have some I’ve already taken myself on our adventures and it still cracks me up thinking about it. I know for sure there was one picture that did what it was supposed to. When she said you look like your about to give me the business right there or something along those lines. Her voice, her face. As soon as she stopped laughing it was going to be game on.

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