Dude Gotta Go t-shirt

Dude Gotta Go t-shirt (4)


As on OTR trucker who been to SF and Baltimore they rank up with Dude Gotta Go t-shirt Chicago and Detroit. Nothing really that impressing. Abandone buildings. Homeless in the streets trashing up the area most out of work folks around waiting on handouts.Carolyn Byrne No, this story is about a president attacking Americans, dividing Americans, deflecting attention, and all because Congressman Cummings is involved in oversight of a president who thinks he’s above the law.

Dude Gotta Go t-shirt , Hoodie, Longsleeve, Sweater, Bella flowy, V-neck and Unisex, T-shirt

Dude Gotta Go t-shirt (4)
Dude Gotta Go t-shirt (4)
Dude Gotta Go t-shirt (4)
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Sure it is beautiful still but has stepped down from Dude Gotta Go t-shirt what uses to be in the . Stores that were there for years have gone away. Get out about two or three blocks and the view is a whole different story and it started during the Bush years a lying socialist then came and it got 100% worst. but you wouldn’t know. The drug deals happen in front of your eyes. just blocks from there and it is scary. You do not live there and visited once.

Dude Gotta Go t-shirt (4)
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Dude Gotta Go t-shirt (4)
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Did you visited the i bet not they are a disaster and don’t try to Dude Gotta Go t-shirt tell me something and who has had the for the last 8 years. Stirling , Seminary , Skyline, etc is paved with  same as etc and around Mount where illegals wait in corners to be picked up by a contractor who abuses them and takes them to work at a construction site or Highways being constructed . Easy to talk when you don’t know and do not want to see what is going on. Inform yourself , ask peole before saying anything.

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