Gardner’s Hoes Shirt

Gardner's Hoes Shirt


If you read the article, you would realize it’s not just Gardner’s Hoes Shirt about people who can’t afford the rent. Sadly due to a variety of unfortunate reasons including economic inequality and an unfair criminal justice system, most of them struggle with addiction and/or mental health issues. Not easy to open you home to this.

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Gardner's Hoes Shirt
Gardner's Hoes Shirt
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Gardner's Hoes Shirt

Homelessness is a reflection on Gardner’s Hoes Shirt a society that doesn’t care about struggling people. Low-cost housing should be available for them through our taxes instead of taxes paying to clean up after them, arrest them, or punish them by ignoring them. City officials have ignored this for too long. It’s getting so bad, and winter illnesses will arrive soon.

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Gardner's Hoes Shirt
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Gardner's Hoes Shirt
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I am sorry to say but society or the ‘system’ doesn’t owe you or Gardner’s Hoes Shirt these people anything. You have two individuals with the same upbringing: one chooses to be a productive member of society by working and paying his taxes, and the other one chooses alcohol and drugs.

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