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If you are in my house I can shoot you. If I catch you running away LSU Tiger sunflower Louisiana shirt from my house with my TV, I cannot shoot you. You can use deadly force to protect life, not property. The kid was running away and was shot in the back. He was no threat ergo he was rightfully charged with murder.

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I thought that the kid ran in the store and got shot when running out with something, got shot in LSU Tiger sunflower Louisiana shirt the leg and hide but bleed out instead of going to the hospital. Didn’t know that the shop keeper ran him down outside and shot him in the chest or head.

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The clerk took it upon himself to be judge, jury, and executioner. If you believe in true justice, you must agree that the punishment should fit the crime. Death for a LSU Tiger sunflower Louisiana shirt is not justice. On the other hand, a prison for killing someone is justice. If this was your house and some ran in a stole something and you shot at him and he died we should charge you with murder correct.

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