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Cuz that is a wonderful skill to have as they get older. You don’t understand how many people they can communicate with Not actual size shirt that if you didn’t know sign language they couldn’t and you don’t want to have people to feel like they’re less than anybody else. And I know this from experience my brother is deaf and his wife is deaf also and I’ve been singing since I’ve been 3 and I am 36. And they have a hearing daughter and we are teaching her to speak and to sign. It’s a wonderful language to know it has gotten me very far in life not just with my family but also with my career so God bless all the deaf and all the people who take the time out to learn this wonderful language.

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Learning sign language in school. It could lead up to more students taking a career in that field. I would have loved it. I have two relatives with that hearing loss, from birth. It helps also when working with the public within coming in contact with a person that does sign language. So I took advice from them. No one even knows my son is deaf so he definitely didn’t need to learn to sign. I’m wondering why you put an angry face to my Not actual size shirt but whatever you don’t know my son so we shall leave it there.

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I had a friendly deaf man type on his phone that he would fall asleep if I gave him a chair massage. I typed back to him that I don’t put people to sleep very often, and that he should try 5 minutes. Then I told him my daughter has been taking American sign language for 2 years and she is 10. I was able to sign out her name because I was taught the Not actual size shirt in first grade. My son is deaf. He doesn’t need sign tho. But it had been needed I would have learned it in a heartbeat. The day he got hearing aids and finally heard something was a heartwarming day.

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