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The lesson is to not steal. The kid thought he could get Old Row Delete Beers shirt with it, but that was a mistake. The kid started the whole thing with his criminal actions. The store was run by immigrants who may not know our laws. They come from a different culture, so one shot the kid. Both lives were changed forever. One dead. One in prison.

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And the kid would have kept coming back, and his buddies would have heard about Old Row Delete Beers shirt this pushover clerk who’s unable to stop a shoplifting kid. I’d be willing to bet that store loses quite a bit of money each quarter because someone steals 2 bucks worth of goods. If it’s one person, there’s others, and small stores feel the bite of the loss of several hundred bucks worth of goods each quarter because of someone shoplifting. That’s people’s livelihoods.

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This guy was allowed to Old Row Delete Beers shirt buy a gun, by regulations you support. That means he was one of your“responsible, law-abiding gun owners” that we are supposed to admire. That means he was a “good guy with a gun” that you say shouldn’t be regulated. Right up to moment he murdered someone.

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